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Welcome to wiki, related to Perl, Tcl-Tk on WinCE devices!

This wiki is intended to gather and discuss information about building and using Perl and Tcl-Tk on WinCE.

These pages are hopefully very easy to update, so here you'll probably find more recent information, and probably will add your own bit of information, or ask questions on related pages. Anyone who want to edit, just drop me a letter (mail to vkonovalov as user of sourceforge) and I'll immediately share password for editing permissions.

Requirements for both Perl and Tcl/Tk? on CE

Following should be prepared for both perl and tcl/tk:

Perl on WinCE

Tcl-Tk on WinCE

links to many information on containing much information on subject:

Which WinCE devices are used/could be used

Please add information about your device at the page WinCE devices usage practice

Success stories using perl, tcl/tk on WinCE

Despite meeting general difficulties when cross-compiling stuff and moving and editing registry, things could be settled: see Happy screenshots.

Problems building/using perl, tcl/tk on WinCE


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