Preparing Compiler For WinCE

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Before building PerlCE? or TclTkCE? you need cross-compiler. EVC3 is enough. EVC4 is current version, it also fits, and you should probably use namely from this version.

Easy way is to download and install required compiler from that resource. You'll get GUI IDE and stuff.

However installing is not required, because our building process is used from command line. Download it from here [URL link not ready yet!]

Also, you will need to tune environment variables carefully for each combination of your OS version and processor.

Interestingly, readme.htm of eVC SP4 displays information that:

 5.15 Targeting SH3 Platform from eVC 4.0 SP4 is not supported
 Service Pack 4 of eVC 4.0 does not support targeting SH3 Platform.
 For developers targeting this platform, Service Pack 3 of eVC 4.0 
 provides this functionality.

I don't know how often SH3 is used, but users of such devices should probably follow that advice...

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