How This WiKi Is Populated

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Feel free to add related information throughout this wiki.

Some pages are locked for editing, so you place desired question/information here: Proposed additions to page. (I was surprised to see some actual wiki spamming at 27-mar-2005, so few administration changes were done, and more will be done in future)

Hopefully actual information will much prevail compared to information about organization of wiki process...

These pages are based on usemod wiki, so instructions could be found at, for example. As in any other wikies, those rules a extremely simple. To try your findings use Sandbox.

the / is used to create sub-pages of the current page.

Example: [/This is a sub page of PerlCE And Tcltkce Wiki Page]?

When you use / on a page, the page will always appear in Recent Changes with the name of the page it is written on (the parent page).

So only use / for this purpose...

Also Always put a capital letter as the first letter of a link. [Like this]?. -- Robert Abitbol

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